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Dear Friends,

California is a great place to live, but we can do better.

I’m an immigrant who came to Orange County from Korea to build a better life. California has always been a place where people pursue their dreams and I want to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, Sacramento is controlled by a supermajority one-party-rule. This has resulted in high taxes, failing schools, rising crime, an ever-growing homelessness population, skyrocketing cost-of-living, and the highest gas prices in the nation. Local jobs are leaving every day as small businesses find California more expensive than other states.

For over twenty years I have dedicated myself to stopping tax hikes, protecting consumers, and supporting hardworking families trying to make a better life here in California. I am proud to have spent my entire public service career in Orange County, first as an Irvine School Board Member, then as a Councilmember and Mayor of Irvine, and now as your representative in the State Assembly since 2016.

The challenges we face in California cannot be solved with one party in control of Sacramento; we need balance and ideas from both sides. I’m asking for your vote to be your voice in Sacramento, to be a balance against the single-party politicians in control of the legislature, and to save our state.

My wife and I have owned a small tutoring school in Irvine for over 30 years. We have two grown children and we want other California kids to have the same opportunities they had. Count on me to work with Democrats and Republicans alike to forge solutions to the challenges ahead. Please contact me if I can help your family in any way.


Steven Choi

Steven Choi
Assemblyman, 68th District








 c/o Lysa Ray
3843 S. Bristol St., #604
Santa Ana, CA 92704

(714) 312-6097‬


FPPC ID# 1434888

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